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“We can do it ‘’

on March 8, 2022, the world celebrated International Women’s Day. We decided to mark this important day by presenting the personal and social visions of our members and activists. “Like many other great ideas, this emerged as a grassroots initiative on a WhatsApp group of our community ” says Esty Shushan, Founder and CEO of Nivcharot. “ I see my role as allowing things to just happen, with a little direction from me. “

Nivcharot’s monthly meeting was devoted to a day of photography, with the hope of conveying a powerful and optimistic message to Haredi women and women everywhere. Drawing inspiration from the famous American WWII poster and slogan “We can do it” (later adopted by the feminist movement) Nivcharot activists posed in traditional clothing but with the famous red bandanna of the original poster. We added the additional tagline “Be’Ezrat Hashem” (with G-d’s help), because though Haredi women are confident of their ability to make an impact and create change , we also pray for help and direction from the heavens.

Each photo included a personal vision. For example, one woman’s photo reads: “Women everywhere will have the right to promote their own personal welfare within their family and community.“ Other visions included “Giving women autonomy over their bodies” and “Education according to need and desire and not classification.”

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