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Esty Shushan

Esty Shushan is Charedi woman, mother of four children and the eldest of 12 brothers and sisters.
She is the founder of the "Lo Nivcharot, Lo Bocharot" movement (Hebrew for: "Not Elected, Not Electing"). The movement has been transformed into a nonprofit organization, where Esty has been serving as CEO, under the name "Nivcharot".
She is a lecturer, a media persona, writer, artist, decorator, facilitator and content creator. In recent years, she has lectured, in Israel and abroad, regarding her personal story and activism. She has launched the "Haredit Meduberet" podcast (Hebrew for: Colloquial Ultra-Orthodox and a reference to being an ultra-Orthodox woman who is being spoken about). In 2014, her film "Akara" (Hebrew: "Childless Woman"), focusing on early motherhood and large families, which was presented in festivals in Israel and abroad. She has created the film "Ehad Mi Yodea" (reference to the famous song from the Passover Hagadda) in 2020, which was broadcasted as part of a project focusing on Passover during COVID.

In 2017, Esty was awarded the "Daphna London Ya'ari" Award for feminist social activism. In 2018, Esty was named one of 20 most influential female activists in Israel by the "Lady Globes" magazine. In 2019 she was awarded the Rappoport Prize for groundbreaking feminist activism. In 2020, she was named one of 20 most promising young Israelis of the next decade.

The documentary film Woman of Valor by Anna Somershaf, follows her life and activities, screened in some festivals in Israel and the world and in Hot 8 Channel.

In 2021 Esty launched her first poetry book Zimrat Karney Haor Hamitnaptzot, by Tangir publishing and edited by Roy Hassan.

She is currently working on her first full-length film as a screenwriter and director, by Metro Productions.

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Hila Hassan Lefkowitz

Hila is social activist in the national team movement. Hila was the project manager Nivcharot's  for the years 2018-2021. An NLP trainer, Hila focuses on empowering women to find their voice. She is a studying toward a degree in local government.

Hila is a social activist, advocating for Haredi women’s rights in various Knesset committees. She also works to promote Haredi women to positions of power and influence.

She was born and raised in a Haredi neighborhood and is the daughter of a Shas council representative. She studied at Beit Yaakov, and in the past worked with youth at risk, as a coordinator of cultural activities in an institute for the disabled, and taught computers in informal education settings. In 2018, Hila joined the New Day party in Kfar Yona, but left due to disagreements on religious issues.

Hila is 39, married and the mother of three children.


Tirtsa Esterson

Tirtsa is a member and activist in Nivcharot. She is a content writer and translator by profession and currently works in digital marketing. As a Haredi social activist, she focuses on healthcare and the welfare of Haredi women. Tirtsa helps promote social projects and educational initiatives that support single-parent families, women in the work force, and more.  She is a member of the steering committee of Nekudat Mifne and dreams of creating a unique center that will provide a multi-disciplinary solution to Haredi families in crisis.

Tirtsa is the mother of five and resides in Jerusalem.  

Efrat Chocron


Efrat is a Haredi feminist and social activist. She has helped promote many initiatives in the Haredi community to eliminate ethnic discrimination, advance the study of core subjects, and ensure representation of Haredi women in decision making processes. She is a media personality and a panelist on the Knesset Channel evening program, Mishkan Layla.

Efrat is studying toward a BA in political sciences, international relations, and communications. She completed her studies in marketing and advertising at ACC Tirzah Granot. She is a graduate of Beit Yaakov and the Haredi-Sephardi Neve Israel Seminar.

Efrat works at Am Shalem, an NGO that deals with issues pertaining to conversion.

Efrat was born and grew up in Har Nof in Jerusalem. She is 34 years old, married and the mother of 4 children.


Efrat Gehasi

Efrat is graduate of Nivcheret, Nivcharot’s Leadership Program. 

Efrat holds a management position at an insurance company. She received a Haredi education. Efrat is a feminist, loves to write, and engages in social and political activist.  She works to promote justice, equality and social change in the Haredi community and believes that women should not hesitate to prioritize their needs and pursue their dreams.

Efrat is 30 years old, a resident of Petah Tikvah and the mother of two children.

Hila Yallon


Hila served as an education officer in the IDF. Following her service, she served as a shaliach (cultural emissary) for the Jewish Agency, before returning to settle down in Tel Aviv. In 2014, Hila joined the staff of the Jewish Federation of San Francisco’s Israel office, where she works to promote democracy and pluralism in Israeli society, and equal opportunities for all.

Hila has spent most of her career promoting social issues, especially immigration and absorption, education and employment. She has trained to be a director of community theater (B.A.) and also has an M.A. in Public Policy, both from Tel Aviv University.

A member of the Nivcharot board, Hila joined Nivcharot so that the voice of Haredi women would be heard throughout the public sphere. She believes that society pays a heavy price because this voice is silent, and that we all have the power to create change. 

Hila is married to Yoseph and mother to Nivi. She was born and grew up in Kiryat Tivon.  

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 Raaya is the project manager at the organization Nivcharot. Raaya Mary (aged 30)  has a B.A in leadership and Management of Education Systems and is a M.A. student in the Gender Studies Program of Bar Ilan University, and works as our administrative and content director. Raaya has been a member of the "Achotenu At" community for the past year.

Raaya mery

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