Creating change

The leadership course opens; 27 Haredi women undergo transformation, start to develop social projects. Two of these women run in the municipal elections. Two activism seminars contribute to building a strong network.

The Knesset established its first caucus for Haredi Women Affairs.


Field activities

Conferences, roundtables and
social media engagement. Nivcharot begins to raise funding and formulate its short and long-term strategies.


Expanding audiences


A group of activists initiates first meetings at the Knesset on issues of health, employment and education of Haredi women. This creates media buzz. A closed FB page is established for open discussion of relevant issues.



Just before elections, No Voice, No Vote protest launches on FB, calling on public not to vote for parties that exclude women.



Multi-pronged campaign to create maximum impact

•A course for developing public speaking skills is launched for 15 participants.

•A second leadership course is conceived
and recruitment begins for March 2019 launch. 

•The 2019 elections give birth to a massive media campaign.

•High Court orders Agudat Yisrael to eliminate clause barring women.



The goal—leadership

Nivcharot continues its community, public and activities, meanwhile understands that it needs a cadre of leaders to realize its goals. Partnerships are created and suitable candidates for a leadership course are identified. A white paper is presented to the UN’s Women’s Rights Committee. Esty Shushan is invited to speak in Geneva.


Elections 2015

Five women send letter to  Haredi MK’s asking to include women in their lists, wide media campaign, followed by heavy backlash ensues. Nivcharot is founded and starts to recruit support and resources. Joins high court appeal against Agudat Israel.



Field activities

The first group of Haredi women meets regularly in secret to discuss taboo issues and implications of exclusion and lack of representation.