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Nivcharot, the first and only Haredi (ultra-Orthodox) feminist organization in Israel, promote the status and rights of ultra-Orthodox women and the inclusion of ultra-Orthodox women in political processes and positions of power.


Officially established in 2015, the organization grew out of a social media-based women’s protest movement launched in 2012 under the slogan No Voice, No Vote, implying that if women would continue to be barred from the Haredi political parties, they would also not vote for them.


The Haredi community makes up almost 11% of Israeli society; notably, the ultra-Orthodox parties ban women from their ranks.

Nivcharot’s mission is to change this reality, through education, cultivation of women leaders and advocacy activities designed to change attitudes in the community and among the general public.


Increasing radicalization, extremism and insularity in the Haredi community are some of the many obstacles we encounter in our path.


We are fighting to help ultra-Orthodox women find their voice, carve a place for themselves in public space, and attain the positions of power that will enable them to achieve their rights and fulfill their needs.



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