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Influencing Public Discourse Through the Media

Tzofit Grant, anchor of the Israel’s Channel 13 documentary series “Without Borders,” recently dedicated one report to the world of modern Haredi women. Through various interviews with courageous female Haredi social activists, who are slowly changing the face of the Haredi community (some active members of Nivcharot), she presents the struggles, the challenges, and the pain of these women, as well as the heavy personal price they and their families are paying because they dare to speak out, pursue a college education of a career, or demand a place at the table with male leaders of the community. Two of the women interviewd are Nivcharot activists: Adi Raphaelovitch is a graduate of Nivcharot's Third Leadership Course. She is a social activist, and active politically on behalf of the Likud Party. Efrat Gehasi is a social activist, and a graduate of Nivcharot's Second Leadership Course.

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