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Nivcharot Launches Its Sixth Leadership Course

Nivcharot's flagship programs is Nivcheret , a three-month leadership program especially designed to cultivate female leaders among the ultra-Orthodox community and teach them how to become active in decision-making processes and influential in the political and public spheres. The sixth program will start May 16, 2023 in collaboration with the Academic Center for Business and Law, and include ten 5-hour weekly sessions. Participants are carefully selected and must undergo an interview.

The program includes lectures on a wide range of relevant topics such as the status of women in Judaism, feminist thought, and various political, economic, social and community issues and provides the participants with practical tools such as public speaking, social media and networking skills . Participants meet inspiring role models and supported by a mentor.

What graduates have said about the course:

"I was able to raise questions and discuss topics that until now were axioms to me, I rethought my path and persevered without shying away from the difficulties."

"This program is a basic staple for every woman."

"I gained a lot of knowledge and tools and learned what to do and what not to do."

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