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Iron Swords

Updated: Apr 22

Following the murderous attack by Hamas on October 7,  Nivcharot, whose unique vision can   bridge Haredi and secular communities, stepped up to help the IDF and heal Israeli society.

Volunteering in IDF bases: Through our campaign Harediot Shutafot (Haredi Women are Partners,  we recruited 200 Haredi women from all over the country who traveled to army bases and helped pack 1500 first-aid kits for soldiers at the front.


Supporting the wives of reserve soldiers: Nivcharot volunteers prepared and delivered 200 care packages to the wives of reserve soldiers, mostly from the Haredi community. These women are isolated, and often do not receive support from the  community,  because their husbands have chosen to serve in the army.


Care packages with toiletries for female soldiers. Nivcharot activists prepared and delivered 60 care kits with toiletries and other basic items to female soldiers stationed on the front lines.


In addition, we worked to create content for social media featuring Haredi women who have sons, husbands, brothers, or family members in the army. Our goal was to normalize the difficult discourse between Haredim and Israeli society and within Haredi society regarding the role of this community vis a vis the IDF.

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