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It's everyone's battle

Although the Knesset is one of Israel’s most important institutions, the voices of ultra-Orthodox women are not represented there. To amend this situation, Nivcharot activists attend Knesset conferences and committees that allow them to state their views. Last December, an emergency conference of Israeli women from all backgrounds was initiated by Knesset member Sharon Nir (national Unity Party). Efrat Jehasi, a social activist from the Nivcharot Movement, spoke at the event and her words resonated long after the conference was over.

Tzipi Blumenthal participated in another emergency conference of Yesh Atid women and civil society organizations that took place at the Tel Aviv exhibition grounds. Tzipi Blumenthal, who is a Nivcharot social activist in the process of establishing the ultra-Orthodox women’s chapter of Yesh Atid, spoke about the challenges that ultra-Orthodox women encounter in their fight for inclusion in the political sphere. These events of solidarity remind us that this is everyone’s battle.

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