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Campaigns for International Women’s Day

Nivcharot marked International Women’s Day with three different campaigns, each of which made an impact in its own way.

Wake up!

The first campaign addressed women in a direct and personal way, telling them to wake up and notice that they are represented by no one in parliament or the local municipalities. The campaign featured slogans like “Sarah, wake up!’’ or ’’Margalit, wake up,’’ or other popular names of women in the Haredi community, along with the additional slogan ‘’Don’t you see that you have zero representation in the local authorities?’’

I have overcome

The second campaign played on the idea of the controversial Hitgabrut or Override Clause that is being promoted as part of the legal reform. Hitgabrut in Hebrew also means “to overcome’’ and Nivcharot asked activists and the general female public to share their own experience of what they have overcome until today as Haredi women, given the extreme challenges that they face. One woman wrote, “to persevere and to say what the people around me refused to hear. To overcome the mockery and criticism, and continue in our just struggle.’’

It's actually the opposite

In the third campaign. Nivcharot activist exploited the Purim concept of V’Nahafoch Hu (what is initially perceived as a cause is really an effect)’ and walked into committee rooms of Agudat Yisrael, the ultra-Orthodox party and photographed themselves sitting at the conference table with signs saying No Voice, No Vote to stress the fact that they should be sitting at these tables on a regular basis.

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