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“Nothing about us without us”

Nivcharot representatives were invited, together with other Haredi organizations, to attend (in person and on Zoom) a special meeting of the Committee for Gender Equality of the Jerusalem Municipality, chaired by Laura Wharton, that took place on January 3, 2022. Two important topics were on the agenda: the future of haredi women, and sexual abuse in the Haredi community.

In the past, Haredi women were not part of these kinds of discussions. Actually no one from the Haredi community was, because Haredi leaders always “had more important things to do.” But times have changed, and now we have a voice, thanks to organizations such as Nivcharot. And this meeting, in which we had a lot to contribute, was one example. However, as we reminded the participants of this meeting, Haredi women still do not have a say in municipal councils and government decision-making processes. We are still fighting for a place at these tables.

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