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Nivcharot presents a position paper on electronic tags

Updated: Sep 18, 2023

Ahead of a special meeting of the Committee for the Promotion of Women's Rights and Gender Equality on the topic of electronic tags for abusers, which took place on March 13, 2023, Nivcharot presented his position paper on this topic. The paper states that electronic tags can save the lives of abused women and that out of 200,000 women who are victims of domestic violence in Israel, about 20,000 are from the Haredi community.

In 2022, 21 women were murdered in Israel and from the beginning of 2023, another 8.

In addition to recommending use of the electronic tag, the paper recommends disseminating brochures about domestic violence among the Haredi community. Notably, Nivcharot has been launching a special campaign against domestic violence in the Haredi community for the last three years. The paper also proposes educating teachers and other education professionals to identify the signs of domestic abuse and building shelters more suited to the lifestyle of Haredi women and the large number of children in these families.

Notably, on March 22, the electronic tag bill did not pass at the Knesset. It fell by one vote.

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