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Making Our Voices Heard

Updated: Jan 9, 2023

On August 23, Nivcharot representatives demonstrated together with members of 17 other Israeli organizations in Rabin Square, calling on the heads of all political parties to sign the Equality Contract in which they commit to promoting equal representation for women and ensuring a safe space for women in their parties. Ëfrat Gehasi spoke at the rally on behalf of Nivcharot. The Equality Contract, drafted by the Bonot Alternativa (Building an Alternative) movement entails a commitment to promoting fair representation of women in the top ten places on the party list, equal representation in public positions and at the decision-making table, including in national crisis situations and security matters; and equal representation in directorates and senior financial management positions in private companies that are supported by public funding.

Signatories also commit to promoting legislation and regulation that will protect women in cases of sexual abuse and domestic violence, bring perpetrators to justice; reduce the wage gaps, and ensure that resources in the fields of culture, sports and education are allotted equally to men and women. "It's not a political matter, it's a fundamental right," the organizers of the demonstration said.

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