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Fifth Nivcharot Leadership Program

ivcharot’s fifth Leadership Course has come to a successful end. 20 participants, Haredi women of different ages and backgrounds, took part in a wide range of workshops, and met with an exciting list of experts on feminist thought, feminist rights and political activism. The curriculum included a day at the Knesset, where Adi Rafelovitz, a graduate of one of Nivcharot’s first leadership programs who is currently working as a parlimentary aide spoke about her work at the Knesset.

Many of the graduates of Nivcharot’s leaderhsip programs have gone on to fulfill important roles in Haredi society. One example is Efrat Shukrun, a leading Haredi media personality. Two graduates of the fourth course, Hadar Liner and Lea Shaynbrum, have launched a WhatsApp forum for Haredi men and women to discuss issues that are of concern in the Haredi community. Another participant from this course has launched a program to promote Haredi feminist content on Instagram. The page has 3000 followers.

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