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Do you speak English?

According to a recent survey of Haredi parents conducted by the Israel Democracy Institute (IDI) only 25% reported that their sons study English in School. 44% of these parents reported that they would want their children to study English, in school or after school. In an interview to Ynet news, Nivcharot activist Raaya Mery, mother of two sons and a daughter, explained that most of the classes in her boys’ schools is devoted to religious study, and as the children grow, they will encounter core subjects (English, math, sciences) even less. However, she sees room for optimism, as more and more parents are demanding change. “Studying English is not a luxury,” she says. “Knowledge of English is an asset: it is critical to the pursuit of higher education and integration into the job market. This problem has to be addressed immediately, as the study of English can ultimately improve the socio-economic status of families in the Haredi community. “

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