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“Do You Even Know the Price of the Struggle? “

In an op-ed entitled “Do You Even Know the Price of the Struggle? “published in Ha’aretz (September 10, 2023), Nivcharot’s CEO Esty Shushan speaks about the price that she has paid for her social activism. She summarizes: “But I do not regret anything… I know it was all worth it when Haredi women speak up…even if I don’t agree with them. Even if they don’t sit around an important table but only speak up online, or in a demonstration or as part of a panel of speakers. Just the fact that they are speaking and creating change and making an impact. When I see how this circle is growing more than I could ever imagine. When I listen to these women describe how the organization I established changed their lives and worldviews, how it gave them back their voices that perhaps were never heard in the first place. That makes everything worthwhile.””

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