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In a meeting of Haredi activists from the Yesh Atid party in the presence of Yesh Atid Chairman and Opposition Leader Yair Lapid, Esty Shusan said, “You spoke before about courage . I want you to look at the people in this room… every person here has paid a very heavy personal, emotional and financial price to be here today, to eliminate the obstacles and the defense mechanisms, the hatred and the walls.You should not be skeptical of this minority in any way. Give these people a voice and the right to representation—the women also. Long-term, the solution is here.’’

Lapid answered, “That is the reason I came to the meeting today. I understand the price of being called a traitor by those around you; it is paralysing. I appreciate you coming for that reason. I wasn’t sure it was possible. I came to hear and learn. It is not a coinicidence that the head of the Haredi Sector of the Party is a Haredi woman. We believe that this social change is inevitable. It will be hard. And it will demand a joint effort.”

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