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Demonstrations and protests

While the Women's March was taking place, Nivcharot held, together with Omdim Yahad, an alternative assembly protesting the violation of women’s rights in Israel. The event also promoted a dialogue between ultra-Orthodox and secular women.

A protest against Minister Porush

The public was fierce in its criticism of Minister Meir Porush (United Torah Judaism) who was active in trying to obtain an entry permit to Ukraine for Rabbi Berland, a convicted sex offender, so that he could pray in Uman. Nivcharot in collaboration with Heneni_ Lo Tishtok protested in front of Porush’s house on behalf of the victims of Berland’s crimes.


In a protest against the judicial reform, Tzippy Lavi takes a moment to respond to ultra-Orthodox MK’s who claim that there are no incidences of sexual assault in the Haredi community and displays photos of sexual offenders.

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